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5/5 Great Fun!

"I'm a little past it, but Aaron showed me some excellent tips to help me. I only have one lesson a month but I'd recommend him to anyone, really good knowledge."   Karl

Seven  Hills  Tuition

 Who we are

Seven Hills Guitar Tuition is a Sheffield based company offering highly experienced and super fun guitar lessons!

Our lessons are available for complete beginners through to intermediate and experienced players. Whatever your skill level we will be able to accommodate your needs.


Our Guitar Tutor can even travel to your preferred location for home lessons.   

  • Highly experienced tutors
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for experienced players
  • Teach a range of styles
  • We can travel to you
  • Friendly and local



Aaron has over a decade of experience teaching students of all ages and playing styles, whether it be jazz, blues, rock or classical. 

Aaron can teach both written music and tab to grade 8 level. 

He has a teaching diploma (DipLCM(TD)) in the guitar and has also played with bands touring across the world. 

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

with Seven Hills Tuition

Looking for guitar lessons for beginners?

Seven Hills Tuition have years of teaching all styles and we love when anyone decides to pick up a guitar and learn!


What are the styles we teach?

We can teach anything you like, but the main styles we teach are:


  • Acoustic/classical

  • Electric (rock)

  • Blues

  • Jazz

  • Country

  • Song writing/composition


How much are the lessons and what is included?

We offer unrivaled support with our guitar lessons. We take you through the learning process step by step both in and outside of lessons. If you are ever struggling in the practise room please let us know and we will offer our support. We also help with purchasing instruments, restringing your guitar and basic repairs.


Our prices are:

30 minutes: £16

45 minutes: £24

60 minutes: £32


We can even come to your door (anywhere in South Yorkshire) at no extra cost. This means you can play in the comfort of your own home, plus it will save you time!


Want a discount? For a discount on your guitar lessons simply quote “Guitar Lessons for Beginners 2017” and we will provide you with an exclusive discount!



What do you cover?

We will always cater our lessons to suit your needs. However, we will always recommend learning a certain way as we have found in our experience it tends to get the best for anyone learning.

We usually go through some similar steps for your first couple of months until you start advancing and wanting to learn a specific style etc..

This is:

Week one:
In the first week you will learn how to hold the guitar, the notes on the string, you hand position and how to play the strings with the right hand (unless you’re left handed).


We teach you some of the notes on a piece of music and how they correspond with your guitar. (There is several other little bits but we don’t want to bore you with too much detail).

Week two:

We start by showing you some basic music pieces and playing alternate strings. This is what Youtube will never be able to show you.


We teach you the correct position and how to apply the right pressure in the right way. Using online videos is all well and good when you’re a little more advanced but it can be a crucial error for beginners.


This is because it can teach you some really poor habits that you do not know you’re doing wrong. Once you have got into the bad habits, it’s a lot harder to get out of them!

Week three:

This is where you start using more of your left hand and begin to learn most of the notes of a C scale and how it corresponds to your music score.


This gets you used to reading of the music score and playing. We also introduce you to some chords!

Week four:

Practicing chords and how to get them sounding out correctly. Also progressing with the classical style guitar pieces and linking them together.

Week five:

This is where (if you’ve been practicing correctly) you will start to be able to play simplified songs. We usually have two themes running in a guitar lesson and for your home practice. These are;

Learning music and technical pieces and learning the songs you like to play.


It generally takes around 10 weeks to really start getting to grips with the guitar. Some people are quicker, some slower but it mainly comes down to: PRACTICE!

We could be the best teachers in the world (we may be, who knows!) but if you don’t practice both yours and our hard earned efforts will not get anywhere.


Whether you have having guitar lessons for beginners or you are having guitar lessons as a more advanced player, you will not see a marked improvement if you only play during your lesson. We didn’t get good by sitting around and watching TV!


What should my practice routine be?

The more the merrier although we do understand as a beginner it can be a little tough on the fingers so try and do little and often. When you are waiting for the kettle to boil pick up and play.


When you are cooking dinner, pick up and play. When you have just got in from school or work, pick up and play, it will soon make a difference.

We recommend as a beginner to practice around 10-15 minutes per day if possible.

How do I practice?

Practice the pieces your instructor has given you. Not until you get them right, you should practice until you can’t get them wrong! We have periodic rewards for students if they show they have been practicing well so it is worth it!

Practice what is given to you and make sure you are in time! Timing is crucial, the notes will come but timing can throw everything out. The best thing to do is to google ‘metronome’ and play along with the click track.

In or out of the practice room, we do offer on-going support so do not be afraid to ask. We can talk you through any difficulties you may face.


When can I have lessons?

We are normally pretty flexible so please notify us as to when you require lessons. Evenings and weekends are usually the most free so please ask.

Thinking about guitar lessons? Call us on 07541947686 and quote “guitar lessons for beginners 2017” for a discount!


Prices range from £16 - £32 dependent on length of lesson and ability. 

Email: for a quote. 

Alternatively, call Aaron on 07541947686.