Frequently  Asked  Questions

How much is a guitar lesson with Seven Hills Tuition?

(Prices vary between £16 - £30 per lesson) Every guitar lesson is bespoke to the student's needs and ability, and this is reflected in price. Contact us today and we will be able to give you an instant quote.

Is it cheaper to book lessons in bulk?

A discount is offered on gift vouchers that are purchased for more than 2 lessons.

Is this suitable for complete beginners?

Yes. We cater for all levels of experience. 

How long will it take to get good at playing? 

This depends entirely on how much time you dedicate to practising! 
Our students can usually pick up some relatively easy songs within the first few weeks. Some more skilled pieces and songs naturally take a few years of playing. 

What is covered in a lesson?

For beginners, we will go through the notes on a guitar, very basic music notation and then start off with a few simple chords. 
We have a 10 week training programme we tend to stick to which maximises your learning potential. 
We show you the ropes, all you have to do is practise! 



Do I need to take grades?

Not at all, we teach you what you want to learn. We would always recommend following a graded syllabus as it is very good practise learning all of the techniques you will need for advanced guitar playing. 


Is it better to learn on an acoustic or electric?

Again, this comes down to personal preference. The electric guitar is considered ‘easier’ to play as it’s not so tough on your fingers, but the acoustic is a very good starting point. 
We recommend smaller children starting on a ¾ nylon stringed guitar. 


Do I have to read music or tab?

We always recommend reading from sheet music as you can see rhythm as well as notes. However, either or is fine. But you do have to read one of them!
You can try both and see how you get on. As we mentioned, out guitar lessons are completely tailored to suit your needs. 

Can I borrow a guitar?

Unfortunately, you will have to provide your own guitar. The reason is, you would only borrow a guitar for a lesson and lessons are no good if you can’t practise! 
If you are looking at starting to play, you are welcome to call and we can talk you through the best options to suit you!

What is there to learn on the guitar?

Everything, you will never stop. 
The first things you will learn are notes and basic music notation, then some chords. Chords are a great thing to learn as these are what 99% of songs are made up of. 

We then teach you about scales and timing. This ties in to playing a with rhythm. The timing is a fundamental part of playing any instrument and should never be overlooked. 

The scales are what accentuate the chords and where your soloing will start to take place. 
Again, most solos tend to hover around a certain scale. 

After you have learnt the very basics, we will start to teach you about different techniques you can play such as bending the strings, vibrato, slides, hammer on and hammers off. (Don’t worry if this makes no sense to you now, it will later!) 

Then we teach you about harmony and how to adapt your playing to different styles. 

What if I am stuck?

At Seven Hills Tuition, we pride ourselves on our customer first ethic. This means if you are a Seven Hills student and you are at home practising and are unsure about something involving your playing then we are more than happy for you to call us and ask for advice. 
The better you get at playing, the better it makes us feel!


Can I learn with a friend?

If you are a beginner, absolutely! We offer special rates if this is the case. 
We do not recommend if you are intermediate/advanced as it is very hard to teach when people are different abilities. But by all means, if you are unsure, give us a call!

Is it just guitar lessons in Sheffield?

No, we also cover Rotherham, some parts of Barnsley, and some of Derbyshire (depending on distance). Anywhere further may incur an additional charge. 


How many people have you taught?

Over the years, between us we have taught hundreds of students, ranging from 6 years old – 79! 
Anyone can play, but some might just have to practise a little more than others! 


How do I pay?

All payments are made through Paypal or bank transfer. Contact us today to discuss the lesson requirements and payment method.




Playing guitar is one of the greatest things to do with your spare time, you can even turn it into a pretty good career if you’re good at it. We are passionate about music and we only want to help others succeed (even more so than ourselves). 
We firmly believe that if you want to do something, you need to get off your sofa and do it. We offer unrivalled support regardless of your age and ability. 

Sometimes it is going to be hard, sometimes you will not feel like practicing and sometimes you just want to stop altogether, but don’t! 
Persevere and you will reap the rewards! 

We recollect the days of hating practicing as our fingers were sore and it was hard and we didn’t sound like Jimi Hendrix straight away but we got past that and before you know it, you are doing solos behind your head in front of 3000 people!  

If you ever want to talk to us about arranging a lesson, please email