Handpicked experienced tutors

Friendly and passionate tutors with decades of experience.

Free home visits

We travel around South Yorkshire so you can learn at home for no extra charge.

Bi-weekly tips guide
and online homework

Online video and sheet homework, plus bonus tips and guides via email.

1-to-1 lessons and support
tailored to you

Unlike video lessons, we get to know you and personally tailor support and guidance to you on your musical journey.

Online teaching with professional equipment

Learning online is simple and easy! Our array of professional cameras and microphones means you can play from the comfort of your own home.

Basic instrument repairs and purchase support

We can make basic repairs at no extra charge and are happy to give advice on buying the right instrument for you.




"I have a joint lesson with Aaron and he is superb!

He gives us lots of support and help and even after a few weeks I can see a huge improvement. Go for it!"



Your Music Tutors

Aaron has over a decade of experience teaching students of all ages and playing styles, whether it be jazz, blues, rock or classical. 

Aaron can teach both written music and tab to grade 8 level and beyond.  

He has a teaching diploma (DipLCM(TD)) in the guitar and has also played with bands touring across the world. 

Kirk has studied the guitar for over 25 years and is proficient in many musical styles such as; blues, rock, folk and classical guitar. 

He is a graduate in Music composition and has written for and performed with bands across the world. 

Kirk is a wonderful, teacher with a large amount of patience and teaches all ages and abilities. Teaching is his passion! 


Janine has played piano for 15 years and has an exceptional talent for music. She is a strong believer that you can never stop learning.

Janine plays in two bands currently which spans a range of music from David Bowie to progressive metal however her main love is and always has been classical music, particularly the late romantic era. She is also a film score geek and loves learning pieces from films, musicals and video games.

You will not find a more naturally gifted teacher anywhere else.

Saoirse has an exceptional talent for singing, rivalled by few. She has been the lead in successful bands before and has been lead vocals on many stage productions.

She has a long history with music and is fantastic at sharing that. She came highly recommended and we're so glad to have her with us!

Please get in touch to see if we can help you achieve your dreams.

Thom is a passionate and friendly teacher with a wealth of experience. He is trained as primary school teacher so is naturally brilliant with children, alongside adults too.


Specialising in drums and bass guitar, Thom will be a natural choice to help you pursue your musical goals. 

Guitar lessons in Sheffield

with Seven Hills Tuition

Have you ever dreamt of playing the guitar? Or do you play already and simply want to refine your skills? 


Seven Hills tuition offers guitarists of any age and ability tailored lessons to suit your needs.

Our experienced tutors can teach you anything from jazz and classical all the way through to rock and heavy metal. 

Our guitar lessons in Sheffield and the surrounding areas can even be taught at your home, giving you as much time and making it as convenient for you as possible. 

Out tutors have decades of experience between them and know exactly how to approach each and every individual. 



Benefits of being a Seven Hills Tuition student:

We pride our work on your satisfaction. Not only do you get a lesson plan tailored to your every need, but we will also help and support you with basic instrument repairs, purchasing new instruments and we will even email you helpful guides and tips

completely free of charge!


This will be a bi-weekly guide on how to improve your playing written by us for you to use in your spare time. 


We are not the cheapest on the market, but by no means are we the most expensive, what you will get from us in the best service you possibly can get. 

We have developed our skills for many years for your benefit and we aim to use them!



Guitar lessons in Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley

If you live in or around the South Yorkshire area, we can come directly to you for no extra cost!

With home visits, you can play in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for any extra amps as we have the portable equipment.


Style of guitar lessons

Our teachers always prefer beginners to learn to read music as this can greatly improve your skill and also if you wanted to pursue a more professional career, you will be a lot more favoured over guitarists that can’t read music.

However, we teach how you want to learn, be it intab, by ear or simply by learning shapes.

Gain a musical head!

Theory is not essential, but very useful when it comes to learning the guitar.

Learning the theory behind music can allow you to write songs with ease, play solos straight away and generally sound and play like a better musician.



Our comprehensive lessons include:

  • Learning the notes on the guitar

  • Learning to read a staff

  • Applying the notes on the staff to the guitar

  • Learning rhythm & timing

  • Time signatures

  • Scales

  • Key signatures

  • Harmonies

  • Improvisation

  • Chord structures

  • Amongst much, much more!


Our background


Our background at Seven Hills Tuition consists of classical, jazz, blues and rock. Our teachers have all been playing for decades and can adapt to any style you wish to learn.

What are the Differences?



Classical guitar is a much more traditional approach to playing. It is learnt by strict rules and positions and focuses immensely on correct technique and tone.

In classical guitar, you have multiple notes being played at different times. For example, you use your thumb as your bass notes and your fingers as the main melody (usually).

We teach ABRSM classical if required or alternatively, we can just teach you how to play and how to sound great!



Arguably the ‘hardest’ genre to play but usually the most preferred by our teachers. Not many students tend to learn jazz however, it is great for improving your technique and musical theory.

Jazz is taught primarily by understanding the music and why we play in a certain way and why we play certain notes.

There are multiple genres of jazz but they are all very handy to learn. Jazz takes a lot of listening and application, but anyone can do it!



By far the most fun to play! Blues is all about showing your emotion through your guitar. Playing big, carrying lead lines that drop some peoples jaws when they hear it.

Blues is taught by not having so much theory in mind like jazz and classical but primarily working of a ‘blues scale’ and playing with as much feeling as you can.

The tone will not come straight away but don’t fret, it will come!

Learning techniques such a big whole tone string bends is essential for blues – this takes a lot of finger strength but sounds pretty cool once you can do it!



Rock guitar is another fun genre to play. Rock is very similar to blues music (this is where it came from).

Rock is often played with a harder, more distorted tone. Also, depending on the style of rock music, can require some pretty fast picking and licks.


Our guitar lessons in Sheffield are completely tailored to you by industry professionals who want nothing more than to share their talent with aspiring guitarists, regardless of age, gender or experience!
Please note that Seven Hills Tuition not only covers South Yorkshire, but also the surrounding areas, in particular, guitar lessons in Chesterfield too!










Prices range from £16 - £32 dependent on length of lesson and ability. 


Quote: "Guitar Lessons Sheffield" for a discount!


Email: info@sevenhillstuition.co.uk for a quote. 


Alternatively, call Aaron on 07541947686.

Or follow the link below!