Seven Hills Tuition are a Sheffield based company offering highly experienced and fun drum lessons!

Our lessons are available for complete beginners through to intermediate and experienced players. Whatever your skill level we will be able to accommodate your needs. 

Our drum Tutor can even travel to your preferred location for home lessons.

Prices vary from £16 - £32 per hour depending on experience and location.  

Drum Lessons Sheffield

Highly experienced tutors             Suitable for beginners       Suitable for experienced players
we Teach a range of styles             We can travel to you        Friendly and local



Lawrence has over ten years professional experience working all over the world with industry leading companies and artists. 

Lawrence can teach all ages, abilities and styles from beginners to grade 8 and beyond. 

His professionalism and love for what he does has seen him complete numerous contracts for P&O cruises, BBC, TEDtalent and many more. 

Drum Lessons in Sheffield

Drum lessons Sheffield - at your home!

We know it may not always be convenient for you to travel around, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. That's why we are here to offer you drum lessons in Sheffield at your door (as long as your neighbours don't mind!)

You can of course come to us if you prefer!

Have you ever dreamt of playing the drums? Or are you simply wanting to refine your skills?

Seven Hills Tuition offers drummers of any age and ability tailored lessons to suit your needs. Our experienced tutors can teach anything from jazz and orchestral all the way through to rock and heavy metal. 

Our drum lessons in Sheffield and the surrounding areas can be taught at home giving you more time and making it as convenient for you as possible. 

Our drum tutors have decades of experience between them and know exactly how to approach each individual. 

What are the benefits of being a seven hills tuition student?

We pride our work on your satisfaction. Not only do you get a lesson plan tailored to your every need, but we will also help and support you with basic instrument repairs purchasing new instruments and we will even email you helpful guides free of charge!

We are not the cheapest on the market but by no means the most expensive but you will get the best possible service you can from us. 

Our comprehensive lessons include:

  • Learning drum names and positions

  • Learning to read a staff

  • Applying the notes on the staff to the drums

  • Styles of play

  • Learning rhythms and timings

  • Time signatures

  • Rudiments

  • Technique and posture

  • Improvisation

  • Rhythm and fill development

  • Electronic drum programming

  • Hybrid drumming

  • Drum kit use and application

  • Amongst much, much more!

Rock drum lessons

Air drums!... Let's face it, we've all tapped away to our favourite rock tracks in the back of the car. However, when it comes to rock drums you need a strong steady rhythm and a drummer who can work the hats and crashes with charisma and a good technique!

Jazz drum lessons

Jazz is a style adored by musicians and music lovers alike. Your expression and creativity on the kit is given free rein to explore swung rhythms while complimenting a band with the signature swing hi hat and ride sound.

Funk & RnB Drum lessons

Funk drumming is one of the most exciting and fun styles to play. The key to a grooving funk beat is the control of sixteenth note 'ghost notes' played on the snare and hi hat. The possibilities are endless and when a band gets involved things get really exciting... 

Blues drums 

Less is more when it comes to playing the blues. Holding a simple 12/8 shuffle might seem easy to some, but blues is about creative development and being musical with your playing decisions. Have you got the blues??

Drum lessons in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham & Barnsley

We're not just stuck in Sheffield. All of our teachers can go to pretty much anywhere in South Yorkshire! We also have a few locations in and around Sheffield should you want to come to us.