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Flute Lessons in Sheffield

Seven Hills Tuition are a Sheffield based company offering highly experienced, fun and rewarding flute lessons for all ages and abilities. 

Our flute lessons are available for complete beginners through to advanced players. We offer an extremely personal service and help you with any enquiries every step of the way. 


Our flute tutor can even travel to your preferred location for home-based flute lessons.

Prices vary from £16 - £32 per hour, depending on length of lesson. 

  • Highly experienced flute tutors
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for experienced flautists
  • We teach a range of music
  • We can travel to you  
  • Friendly and local

Flute Teachers

Emily Evans flute.jpg

Emily has over 16 years experience playing and performing the flute. After completing her grade 8 in 2013, she has tutored a range of abilities both individually and in an orchestra setting.


Lessons are always planned to meet the student's needs, using patience and creative ways of learning.

Emily is more than happy teaching a wide range of styles and genres and will go above and beyond to progress your playing. 

Best Flute Lessons in Sheffield!

Flute Lessons Near Me?

We know it may not always be convenient for you to travel around, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. 


That's why we can offer you flute lessons from the comfort of your own home (as long as your neighbours don't mind!) 

Our flute lesson home visits cover Sheffield and the surrounding areas - usually at no extra cost to yourself!

Private Flute Lessons - The best flute teachers?

Our flute classes in Sheffield are all conducted by top-class musicians who all possess the ABRSM Grade 8 Flute exam (the highest it goes!).

Our flute instructors are able to teach anyone, from kids to adults, beginners to advanced, jazz to classical! We cover it all. We can even help with songwriting and composition if needs be.


If you don't want to learn anything specific and just want to play a few songs then we can certainly accommodate that too.


We can teach a range of styles, written music or even just a few easy melodies - it all depends on how you want to learn!

What are the benefits of taking a flute class with Seven Hills Tuition?

We cater to all skill levels and always make sure our students feel rewarded with their practice. This applies to anyone, even those that learn as an adult (which is very common!).


Our classes are tailor-made for each student and follow strict lesson plans to make sure you are getting the most out of your flut tuition.


At Seven Hills Tuition, we pride our work on your satisfaction. Not only do you get structured lessons, tailored to your every musical need, but we will also help and support you with basic instrument repairs and purchasing new instruments. We will even email you helpful guides if you require them - all free of charge! 

We certainly like to think we go the extra mile with our students and we are always on hand to help outside of the lesson. Flute lessons for adults or piano training for children - we can cater to all!

Simply drop us an email or text and we be happy to help! 

Our comprehensive flute lessons include:

  • Learning the basics of music

  • Music theory: beginner to advanced

  • Styles and techniques

  • Practical application of music

  • Performance tips & advice

  • Full knowledge of the flute 

What types of flute lessons do you do?

Classical flute Lessons

The traditional approach to playing the flute.


Explore some of the most famous music written, by some of the world’s greatest composers.The focus here is on developing correct technique and a high level of musicality, creating a true virtuoso! 


Classical flute lessons can really explore the limits of your ability and push you to boundaries you never thought you could hit.


Classical flute is very traditional and does follow a set of guidelines - they are always good to follow to create perfect technique, although don't worry if you have never played it before. It's just like any other genre! 


All we ask is that you ask us what your needs are!

Pop Music Piano Lessons

Everything from pop/rock to film scores. Gain the knowledge and learn to play either solo or in a band.


Develop an understanding of chord progressions and popular melodies then enjoy playing some of the most recognisable melodies and songs.

What will I learn during my flute lessons?

Learn to play the flute

The flute is such a very versatile instrument used in many different genres. 


Learning the flute is highly fulfilling and a fantastic way to relax. Like many skills, it takes a long time to master an instrument but when the basics are in place, progress can be easy.


Take a look below of what we’ll cover at the beginning:


Basic First Year Curriculum


This will be your basic curriculum for the first year of learning the flute.


  1. Initial meeting and setting out some long term goals.

  2. Learning the notes of the flute, correct embouchure and positioning.

  3. How the flute works. The difference in pitch, higher and lower etc..

  4. Understanding the first basic scales and notes on a musical stave.

  5. Maintaining a pulse.

  6. Understanding rhythm: crotchet, minim and semi-breve and their rests. 

  7. Pitch: singing back a simple melody and trying to replicate this on your flute.

  8. Reading notation independently.

  9. Improvising a simple two-note melody.

  10. Using simple dynamics, staccato and legato.


Our helpful tips to get you started!


  • Buy your flute if you don't have one. You won't be able to practise otherwise!

  • Practice reading music as often as possible.

  • Learn the basics of music theory.

Piano Lesson Prices

How much do piano lessons cost?

Nervous about committing to a piano course? We agree with you! You need to experience your piano tutors skills first-hand to see if their music lessons will be a good fit for you.


This is why we are able to offer our students single piano class prices.

Prices range from £16 - £32 dependent on the length of lesson and ability. 


Quote: "Piano Lessons Sheffield 2018" for a discount!


Email: for a quote. 


Mobile: Aaron Hook - 07541947686.


Alternatively, you can use our nifty contact form by clicking the button below!