Pre lesson one - finding middle C!

Finding middle C.

For those that are completely new to the piano, before our very first lesson, we need to able to find middle C. Middle C is located in the middle of the piano, left of the two black keys. There are many C's on the piano and all of which are left of the two black keys, but you need to find the one in the middle. 

Good luck! 

Lesson one homework

Finding C, D, E, F & G

For your homework, we would like you to find the notes C, D, E, F & G on the piano with both hands. 

We will be learning a very exciting new song on the next lesson

Good luck! 

Lesson Two homework

Lesson Two Advanced Option

The rhythm for the above is: 1, 2, 3 & 4 & 

Don't worry, if you're struggling with some of the rhythms, please get in touch. We've not put a video on this week as we would like to see if you can start to read the music. 

Good luck, but if you're still struggling, we are more than happy to help! 

Lesson Three Homework

By now you should be a wizz at the notes C to G! 

Below the video is an example of the song we are doing. The video to the left is how it should sound. It will take a lot of practising but I'm sure you will be fine!

Homework - The C Major Chord

We're moving on to chords! Chords are multiple notes stacked together to produce different sounds. The major chord here is a happy sounding chord. 

We are playing the notes, C, E and G together. 

Both Hands Together!

Try playing this with two hands changing. The stave on the bottom is your left hand and the stave on the top is your right hand. 


Have at go at playing these exercises.

Then see if you can master playing 'Yankie Doodle'!


Have at go at practising the song and the rhythms we covered in the last lesson. 

Try to remember the difference between the minim rests and the semibreve rests we learnt last week.

We will cover part two of Hot Cross Buns next week!


Have at go at practising Hot Cross Buns in full.

Once you've mastered that, try practising the C major contrary motion mini scale.


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