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Tuning Your Guitar

Don't fret!


Tuning the guitar isn't a hard task; even if you're tone deaf! 

The easiest way is to download a guitar tuner app. There's plenty around and most are free to use. 


  • Open up the app and leave your phone or tablet next to the guitar.

  • Play the low sounding E string (6th string) and leave it ringing. The guitar tuner should let you know if it's flat or sharp. 

  • Turn the tuning peg anti-clockwise if you are flat (-) or turn the tuning peg clockwise if you are sharp (+).

  • Leave the string ringing out as you tune - it's a lot easier! Finish when the guitar gets the green light! 


Please get in touch if you're struggling and remember to always have your guitar in tune for the lesson. 

Pre-Lesson One

Finding the 1st string

The first thing you need to do before you even start the lessons is know where the '1st' string is. The first string on the guitar isn't the nearest to you, it's actually the one furthest away. 

Have a go at finding this and playing it by lightly picking upwards with your first (index) finger. 

If you have any difficulties, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Lesson One

Finding C, D and F

This week, we are going to learn the notes C, D and F. We are going to use these notes for a song we will learn on Friday 19th. 

The C is found one the first string of the second string. The D is on the third fret on the second string and the F is on the first fret on the first string. 

Make sure you squeeze the notes hard so they ring out clearly. Good luck! 

Lesson Two

Lets play these smoothly!

We're going to be keeping on the same notes, but if you have mastered that, we will start to change up the rhythms. Have a go at some of these rhythms and of course you can play along to the song - Shotgun by George Ezra! 

Lesson Three

Some new notes to learn!

Hopefully by now you should be getting much better at the notes C, F and G. Now there is time for a few more. Make sure you get used to these notes as we will be playing another song based on them!

The notes we will be learning are: B, C, D, E, F and G. 

Good luck!



Yankee Doodle Homework!


Rhythm counting

Now try to play them!


Can you guess the tune?

Have a go at next week's!


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